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Why has my right testicle grown bigger?

Q: I am 61 years old male and for the last 6 months I am observing that my right testis is growing bigger in size. There is no pain or discomfort associated. I just want to ask that is it normal for the right testicle to grow bigger than the left one?

A:The testicular size may grow due to acute conditions like acute inflammation, usually associated with urine infection or due to chronic conditions like accumulation of fluid as in hydrocoele and tumors, which are usually seen in younger age. If increase in testicular size has occurred with pain, fever and urinary symptoms, the most likely diagnosis is acute epididymo-orchitis. If the enlargement has been painless, an ultrasound will differentiate in a swelling with water as seen in hydrocoele or a solid swelling of tumors. As you may understand the treatment will depend on the cause. You may see a urologist for appropriate investigations and advice for further treatment.


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