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Why has my right testicle grown bigger?

Q: I am a 35 years old male, got married seven years back. I have observed that my right testicle has grown 4 times bigger its original size in the last few months. However, there is no pain and no effect on my sexual life. But it looks odd as it reflects from the trousers at times. Is it normal for the right testicle to grow bigger than the left one? What do I do to reduce it to the normal size?

A:It appears that you have noticed an increase in scrotal size on one side during a short period. It is apparently not associated with pain or fever, usually associated when such increase in size happens due to infection or following some trauma. Most common cause of such painless gradually increasing testicular swelling is fluid accumulation around the testis, called hydrocele, a condition requiring surgical correction. One cause that we need to worry about is the cancerous growth within the testis, a solid enlargement unlike hydrocele which shows fluid collection. A local examination by a clinician and ultrasonography examination would easily differentiate between the two.


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