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Why has my facial skin become discoloured?

Q: I have developed discolouration of my facial skin especially on the cheeks. Some of my friends have told me that it is commonly known as wine patches. Could you suggest a suitable doctor to advise me on this?

A:When exactly have you developed the discoloration and what colour is your discoloration. You could be either referring to:

  • Melasma: a skin condition presenting as brown patches on the face of adults. Both sides of the face are usually affected. The most common sites of involvement are the cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, and upper lip.
  • Port-wine stain (I doubt this strongly): these appear at birth. They are flat, pink, red or purplish discolorations, found most often on the face, neck, arms or legs. They can be any size. Over time, port-wine stains may become thick and develop small bumps or ridges. Port-wine stains do not go away by themselves. They last a lifetime.


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