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Why does my wife feel so tired and sleepy?

Q: My 49 years old wife recently went for a medical check up. She complains of chest pain and palpitation and pain at left arm, accompanied by dizziness. She always feels tired and sleepy. She has not yet attained menopause. Her blood tests report the following:-

ESR : 10 mm(1st h)
RBC : 4.2 x 10^12/L
Haemoglobin : 7.2 G/DL
PVC : 26L %
MCV : 64 FL
MCH : 17 PG
MCHC : 27 G/DL
Platelet : 378 x10^9/L
WBC : 5.8 x10^9/L

What do these reports indicate?

A:your wife has severe anemia which means low haemoglobin level. This needs further evaluation by a doctor whether it is a dietary deficiency of iron or excessive blood losses during menses, piles, ulcers etc. All these symptoms relate to anemia.An ecg and echo maybe done for cardiac evaluation


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