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Why does my son have a small white spot his cheek?

Q: My son is just 3 years old. Normal in height and weight, and very energetic. Five-six months after his birth I noticed a small white spot on his right cheek. Though very light, it seems to be getting bigger and prominent. We took him to a few child specialists (including a skin specialist) at different times. All ignored it and said that it was a birth mark, as he has some prominent white marks on some other parts of the body. Those marks may be birth marks, but this one on the cheek seems different in nature, to me. One doctor gave anti-fungal ointment. The mark vanished after applying for few days but again came up. I am away from the Metro City at the moment for my project work, and will be back to one of them only after four months. Will this delay his treatment? Please advise us on what medicine can we apply?

A:The conditions that come to my mind at the moment are: - Pityriasis alba - Post-inflammatory hypopigmentation - Naevus anaemicus/depigmentosus - Vitiligo There are many other conditions but the first 3 are most probable. Don't panic! Please see a good dermatologist within 2-3 weeks.


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