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Why does my sister take hours to wake up in the morning?

Q: My 14 years old sister is having problem in waking up in the morning. My father takes hours to wake her up. She screams because she doesn't want to wake up then my father also start screaming on her and we finally have a battle in the house every morning. She has this problem since she started going to school at the age of 3. Do you think she has a psychiatric condition?

A:I would advise your family to make sure your sister goes to bed at a time early enough so that she finds it easy to get up in the morning. She may not be getting enough sleep due to which she finds it difficult to wake up. One way would be to estimate how many hours she sleeps on holidays, and use that as a yardstick to estimate how much sleep she should get on workdays, keeping the wake up time fixed.


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