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Why does my penis bend downwards with a curve?

Q: I am a 70 years old male. I did not have sex with my wife for the past six years. For the last two-three months, I have observed that my bladder is full and there is urgency to pass urine when I get up in the morning. My penis gets erected for a few moments and then it softens. But during the erection, my penis is bent with a downward curve. Why is it so? How do I treat this?

A:Your description of condition suggests that you have an acquired curvature of penis probably due to formation of fibrous plaques within the tissue of penis. In medical terminology it is known as Peyronie's disease. If severe, these plaques can lead to painful intercourse, painful erections and early loss of erection. The disease is usually observed in men between 40-70 years age and is initially managed with nonsurgical treatment i.e. pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications (if painful) and/or medications for erectile dysfunction (if loss of erection). Upto 20% of the cases resolve spontaneously. Surgery is reserved for severe cases with erectile dysfunction.

It usually does not cause any urinary problem (unless the deformity is very severe) because the fibrosis does not involve the urethra.

A simple physical examination by an expert will confirm the diagnosis.


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