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Why does my mother have white patches on her legs?

Q: My 64 years old mother is having skin discoloration in her fore legs, without any itching. The doctor asked her to apply Placentrex gel after bath and take two Kodna tabs daily. However, the doctor asked her to stop taking the medicines due to her age. The problem has re-appeared afterwards. She is patient of angina pectoris for a decade and has been taking medicines for the same. Are the white patches on her legs due to some allergy to the medicines or any other infection? Or is it because of some deficiency?

A:Hypopigmented patches over the legs can be seen in a number of conditions. These are sometimes seen when an inflammatory condition of the skin subsides. Hypopigmented patches, which also have impaired sensations, are encountered in leprosy. Completely depigmented patches which are milky white are seen in leukoderma / Vitiligo, guttate hypomelanosis and lichen sclerosis et atrophicus. In children one also has to consider some congenital disorders. Treatment for leprosy should not be refused. For others one may or may not take treatment.


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