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Why do I not feel the need to ejaculate?

Q: I have been married for 3 months now. However, I haven't been able to consummate the marriage. My problem is that even while I am achieving a satisfactory penetration, I feel absolutely no need to ejaculate and thus I am unable to do so. This is leading to frustration both for me and my wife. I tried Cavetra -50 mg for a while but it is not helping me to ejaculate although it is prolonging the erection. I have never masturbated in the past and always had wet dreams and night falls. Please advise me accordingly. I once consulted a urologist and he advised me Testosterone test. The level is 4.51.

A:You have consummated (Peno-vaginal penetration) your marriage however you are unable to 'Ejaculate' during intercourse. This complaint is known as 'Retarded Ejaculation' and is invariably 'Psychogenic' in nature. There are no medications to cure this complaint. Medicines such as Sildenafil (Caverta) will not help you. This is invariably found in those men who have not masturbated in their life. You will have to consult a sex counsellor for help/counselling in person.


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