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Why do I need genetic counseling for Neurofibromatosis?

Q: In what way would genetic counseling help in case of NF2 and its forme fruste which I have inherited from my father? Will further radiation treatments (SRT, Gamma Knife, CyberKnife) help me for my other tumours?

A:Your concern about genetic counseling is well placed. You know by now that this is an inherited disorder and since you have inherited this from your father, it is to be recorded as to how many of your relatives on your father's side of the family have any forme fruste of NF. This will need to be seen for your children as well and the counseling will then be for your children as to whether they should have their biological offspring or be advised to adopt children. Your doctor will assist you in this or else you may let us know about these details and we could tell you as to which of your children will be the carriers of the defective gene and how they should plan their family. As for SRT, it does help in controlling the growth of the tumour and for tumours in eloquent areas of the brain as well critical areas of the spine, it is worth considering. the decision of course depends on criticality of location, functional impairment and the rate of growth of the tumours (many of these tumours are very slow growing.)


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