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Why do I have so many pimples only on my chin?

Q: I have pimples all over my chin. Yes, only on the chin nowhere else; I have even tried not shaving for a month but they didn't go; in fact yesterday I shaved after a months time, and I discovered that they have increased in number. I tried a cream Crixan for 3-4 weeks, which didn't help either. Now I am taking Safi. Could you please tell what could be the reason because of which I am getting pimples over my chin and which cream/medicine should I use?

A:The occurrence of pimples more so on the chin could be related to the habit of keeping your hand there or rubbing that area with some oils etc. You may use Benzac AC gel during day time and Adaferin gel at night time. If lesions are too inflammatory, then take a course of tablet Minoz 50 mg daily for 6 weeks or so. If not controlled, do consult a dermatologist.


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