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Why do I have rough and discoloured palms?

Q: I am 46 years old and my problem is that my palms get cuts when I wash clothes with a detergent. Then when I touch water or any other liquid, it pains. I have rashes on both my palms. I have taken treatment from various skin specialists but in vain. The colour of my palms is turning black and they have also become rough. Applying vaseline helps but just a little. Please help.

A:You are having housewife dermatitis. It is related to your wet work, washing of utensils, clothes etc, which you cannot give up, naturally cannot get rid off of this problem. Basically, your skin is already damaged and even mild detergents and vegetable juices irritate the skin. So, first of all avoid these works, put vaseline after hand wash with a mild soap like Dewderm soap or Dove soap. At night, apply little glycerine along with vaseline. Depending upon your skin condition, your dermatologist may prescribe some steroid creams.


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