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Why do I have red patches on my feet and legs?

Q: I noticed some red patches on my ankles a month ago, specifically behind the maleolii on both feet. I figured it was a broken blood vessel because I had just started working out again. But it continued to appear on other parts of my feet as well. I have a patch on the top of my left foot, on the outside of my left foot towards the heel (under the maleolus) and on both ankles about two inches above my maleolii. I also have a small patch on my left shin and a few other small patches on the inside of my right calf. The ones I noticed a month ago have faded and now they look more brownish but there is still a broken blood-vessel look to them. The newest large patch I noticed today, which could have been from wearing high heels all night and dancing up a storm. They don't hurt. I have had bruises in the past as I used to play basketball. But these are different. Please help.

A:You might have cappilaritis with eczema around it. Try using dipsalic cream mixed with exel-G cream twice daily and take VIT A twice daily for three weeks.


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