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Why do I have pain and numbness in legs?

Q: I get severe feverish pain in my legs. I also get severe cramps in my legs at night and I feel that I don't have any strength in my legs. Sometimes my legs become numb, even though they are not crossed. Few years ago, I met a doctor who suggested some micronutrients called riconia. After taking those tablets, I don't get the feverish pain, but I still get the weakness and numbness. I also have severe headache very often. My ears itch a lot and liquid earwax oozes out of my ears profusely. My work involves talking with customers with a head set, which aches a lot. Please advise.

A:Your leg cramps and numbness could be due to muscle fatigue or problem with lower back. Please get an x-ray of lumbosacral spine done. Also get a haemoglobin check to rule out anaemia. Meanwhile you may take one capsule of EVION-LC everyday.


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