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Why do I have low blood sugar levels?

Q: I am 36 years old and weigh 84 kg, my problem is that my blood sugar is constantly between 70 to 90 even after taking food. I take alcohol smoke moderately. Sometimes I feel increased palpitation and slight shivering in my left hand. Is there any problem with my insulin utilisation, I am slightly obese and my BMI is 29, please help me. My ECG monitoring every 4 months is normal.

A:You are not slightly obese: your BMI of 28 (not 29, if 173 and 84 kg are correct) is quite high! You need to stop smoking, cut down alcohol to a minimum, exercise regularly, and reduce fat intake in the diet. The low sugars may be because of high insulin levels, but you also need to have an insulinoma ruled out, by consulting an endocrinologist. In addition, you should have a cardiology opinion and proper assessment of your heart status: just an ECG is not enough for you.


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