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Why do I have black spots on my neck?

Q: I am 28 years old and my problem is related to black spots on the neck and around the shaving area on my face. I shave 3 times in a week and have been shaving since last 10 years. I have changed several shaving creams and shaving lotions but of no use. Kindly suggest some remedy for this.

A:The problem is not with the blade, cream, or lotion that you use. It is in the method of your shaving. Please shave with single directional strokes. Do not shave in reverse direction. Avoid very close shaving. What happens in this situation is that the newly growing out short stubby hairs turn inwards due to shaving in the reverse direction. It results in ingrown hairs, just like ingrown nails. That is what is seen as black dots on the face. I suggest that you keep away from shaving for a short period of around 4 weeks. Clip hair short with scissors. Restart shaving after 4 weeks with the advice given above.


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