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Why do I have back pain in the mornings?

Q: I have severe back pain in the thoracic region in the mornings, which subsides when I get up and do my usual routine chores. During the daytime I feel some pain when I swing my body to the left or right but not otherwise. Sometimes, I also get pain in the left side of my back when I bend my head downwards. Can you tell the reason for my pain in the mornings? What should I do? Is there anything serious?

A:At your age of 30 it is unusual to have pain in the thoracic region of your back. Pain in the morning is usually as a result of some inflammatory process but those affecting the back are more common in middle-aged men. however these may be rarely seen in women too. You need to clarify if you have any associated problems like morning stiffness, fever, any constitutional symptoms, any loose motions? You will need to be seen by an Orthopaedic Surgeon and you may also need to have your sedimentation rate checked in the blood. I'll be able to guide you better then. From your description it is difficult to make a diagnosis but it does not appear to be anything serious.


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