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Why do I have an extra growth of bone in my wrist?

Q: I am a 31 years old woman having an extra growth or protrusion of bone on my right wrist. Is this condition serious or an indication of any other disease? Please advise.

A:The condition you have is Ganglion. They are cysts filled with mucin (glucosamine, globulin, albumin) and are usually attached to the underlying joint capsule, tendon or tendon sheath. They are most prevalent in woman and generally occur between 2nd and 4th decades. Patients (like you) usually seek medical advice due to hard swelling in the wrist, pain, weakness and concern of potential malignancy (cancer). They are not cancers (malignant degenerations have never been reported). The etiology or reasons for this swelling remains obscure. There is no obvious correlation with patient’s occupation. They may appear suddenly or develop over several months and may subside with rest, rupture or disappear spontaneously. If you don’t have pain in your right wrist, I would certainly advise not to worry about this swelling (ganglion). An explanation of this condition and assurance of no cancer are the only treatment you required at this juncture. Surgery is best reserved for patients with persistently painful ganglions.


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