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Why do I have a high TSH level?

Q: My thyroid test result is T3- 1.64 (0.6 - 1.81); T4 - 6.8 (3.2 - 12.6); TSH - 44.90 (0.35 - 5.50) and free T4 - 0.68 (0.89 - 1.80). Will the above normal TSH level affect my pregnancy? What treatment do I need to undergo to bring down the level? Is it possible to bring down the TSH level by natural medicines?

A:According to these reports you have Hypothyroidism, meaning low levels of thyroid hormones. It can affect pregnancy. To control this, you need to take Eltroxin 100 half tablet for first 15 days then a full tablet to be continued. This tablet has to be taken early morning in fasting state. There are no natural medications to treat this disease. Please do not take any chances. Start treatment early. Next TSH should be done after six weeks of treatment. You are likely to need prolonged treatment, possibly lifelong.


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