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Why do I have a fatty liver inspite of all normal parameters?

Q: I am a 37 years old man, 166 cm in height and weigh 87 kg. During a recent medical checkup, the ultrasound revealed a fatty liver and mild splenomegaly. I am a vegetarian and don't smoke or take alcohol. Also the sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides are within normal range. I have routinely been doing Suryanamaskar and other exercises like push-ups etc. The consulting physician has prescribed vitamin tablets and asked me to see him after two months. He has not asked for any other tests to be done at present. What could be the causes for the disorders? What preventive measures are required and are any diet restrictions? What is the line of treatment available?

A:Fatty liver is a common finding in ultrasound scans in Indian patients and reflect a combination of genetic predisposition and an unhealthy lifestyle. The latter refers to lack of aerobic exercise and excess of dietary fat and carbohydrates. Very often this is not of any clinical consequence. Sometimes this can progress to a variety of conditions including Diabetes Mellitus, atherosclerotic blocking of blood vessels and chronic liver disease. For this reason it would be wise to follow up this condition with the family physician/endocrinologist/metabolic disease specialist. Splenomegaly or splenic enlargement may reflect a chronic malaria, chronic infective state, a blood disorder or a simple situation such as the recovery phase of a viral infection. This again should be followed up with the family physician. Suryanamaskar and push ups are a good toning up for the body and invigorating for the mind, but in isolation, do not replace regular aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling.


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