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Why do I get recurrent swelling in the scrotal sac?

Q: I am a 19 years old male and have noticed that I have 2 testicles and a soft spongy duct like portion around the size of a testicle in my sac. Sometimes when I fail to pass stools or have constipation this portion seems to disappear or reduce in size and creates a nagging sensation in lower left abdomen. After the stomach settle it reappears. I have suffered autoimmune pancreatitis and got treated. Please advise.

A:Most common swelling in scrotal sac apart from testis is a hernial sac, outpouching of abdominal contents. Other common swellings may arise from water collection around the testis hydrocele), testicular head (edididymal cyst) or other contents like connecting cord (hydrocele of the cord, lipoma). It seems that your swelling keeps on disappearing and coming back with constipation, in other words abdominal straining. Such swelling is more likely to be a hernia. You must see an urologist who would examine you and have appropriate investigations to diagnose it correctly.


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