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Why do I get calf and knee pain whenever I jog?

Q: I am getting pain in my right calf and knee whenever I jog,/b>. I am 28 years old. Is there any remedy for this? It happens only if I jog or run or walk briskly for long distances. Please let me know the precautions to be taken?

A:One of the concerns when someone complains of calf pain with activity is whether they have poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease). However, in view of your age this is unlikely. If you do not have other conventional risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, diabetes or a family history then the likelihood of your having vascular disease is extremely small. If you 'warm up' by doing stretching exercises first it is likely your symptoms will resolve. It is important that you run/exercise regularly and not episodically since your body needs to become accustomed to regular exercise otherwise you are likely to get muscle and joint pains.


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