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Why do I feel uncomfortable in the company of women?

Q: I am a 20 years old male. I feel odd in the company of other people especially women. I feel comfortable only when alone. I write poems and short stories. I also do a lot of paintings. I don’t have any girl friends. I like to watch porn movies but feel awkward when I see or face women in real life. I fear this may affect my married life. What should I do?

A:Sorry to hear about your trouble, infact most of what you are describing is normal, a phase of growing up. It is our upbringing and curiosity combination. Feeling attracted towards woman at the age of 20 years is normal, but at the time being cautious about not hurting any one's feeling is good and responsible. Have female friends, and may be share hobbies with them or have discussion on topics of choice so that uncomfortable feeling goes away, start this with family female members and gradually with classmates and than with unknown females, kind of gradual exposure. wish you good luck.


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