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Why do I feel tired and lethargic?

Q: I am 26 years old male and living in sharing accommodation. I am a bachelor and doing a sedentary job for almost three years. I am taking lunch and breakfast outside and dinner at home. Nowadays I get tired every soon. Sometime due to tiredness I feel feverish at night. A couple of days back I got treated for high fever and I am alright now. I have checked my blood pressure and haemoglobin and they are within normal limit. What could be the reason behind my weakness?

A:The possible causes of weakness could be:

  1. Post viral asthenia/weakness after a fever episode.
  2. Nutritional deficiency including vitamin B12 and calcium.
  3. Thyroid disorder, sugar related disorders, chronic infections.
  4. Worm infestation.
  5. Work and travel stress.
Please discuss this with your doctor and investigate further.


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