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Why do I feel so tired and feverish?

Q: I am 53 years old. I am under treatment for hypertension through Hyzaar tablet, and my blood pressure is under control. However, I frequently feel tired and feverish. My heartbeat generally remains high i.e. 96 to 112. Am I having tachycardia? I am an engineer with a desk job. Sitting and concentrating for long hours on drawings, brings a peculiar pain in my head. I feel a vice like grip, though the BP remains OK. I have difficulty in sleeping if I work on a complicated electrical circuitry for long hours. What is wrong with me?

A:You should change your lifestyle. Eat a diet low in salt, refined sugar, red meat and saturated fat and high in fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and dairy products. Exercise for at least half an hour every day. Walking is the easiest but you can swim, cycle or play badminton, tennis etc, if you wish. No smoking is allowed. Short holidays will help you about once a month. It is your life style that seems to be responsible for your symptoms.


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