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Why do I experience shivering when I am under pressure?

Q: I have vibration or shivering in my cheeks if I contract it towards the eyes or nose and even sometimes when I smile. My cheeks are fleshy and chubby, is it an ailment? Sometimes when I strech my hands I feel shivering or shake especially when under pressure or after sex. After yoga sessions or after some days if I jump or run I feel shivering in my legs, is it an ailment?

A:I think you are worring too much. Shaking of the hands when kept out stretched, while there is no tremor at rest when hand is on the table etc. and no other problem and disability is a disease called benign essential tumor. It is common and if mild should be ignored. If troublesome try Mysoline ¼ tab at bed time for 6 days and then increase to ½ at bed time daily. The dose must be started low because initial doses can cause sleepiness and giddiness. So start ¼ tab and slowly increase then there is no trouble.


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