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Why do I develop reddish spots on my penis?

Q: I am 26 years old and develop very slightly raised reddish spots on my penis on travelling for long. Sometimes during travel, I also get similar spots on my underwear line. I am not able to keep a wallet on my back pocket. If I do so, then the area where I keep my wallet becomes reddish and starts itching. Last time when I had this problem, the doctor prescribed Flucort-c and Candid powder. I applied the ream for 2 weeks. I travelled again, so have developed reddish spots on the penis where it touches the scrotum. I already had skin necrosis in the same place 6 months back and I have a scar and these dots have appeared on the scar itself. Is it due to friction? I have some hair on the scrotum. Is this the cause? During skin necrosis, I did a test for blood sugar levels, WBC, HIV, blood culture and Mantoux; and all were normal. My doctor said that necrosis would not happen again so I just left it. Is this due to lice infestation because I have very small white dots, like half mm on my scrotum?

A:Most likely your problem is that of intertrigo. It occurs due to maceration and super added infection compounded by long journey. Wear light clothing during journey. Avoid jeans and tight underwear. When there is problem, apply Nizral cream twice daily to the affected areas. If you suspect that you had lice infestation, apply permite cream over the affected area, over-night application, once in a week for 2 weeks. If your groin problem persists, think of seeing a dermatologist to rule out psoriasis or other dermatological disorder.


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