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Why did I get chest pain after vigorous physical activity?

Q: About 6 months back, I pulled my bike on a slopy hill in the summer, due to which I started feeling pain in the hand and my heart. The perspiration rate was so high that I felt I might faint. My heart rate increases when I run. Three months back I consulted a heart specialist who performed ECG and ECHO and said that the results are normal. He prescribed Tryptomer and Revolol. I took it for 20 days and felt some relief, but again I started getting the same pain after sometime. I consulted him again and he advised me to continue the medication. But I am not feeling good. I get mood swings and my head keeps revolving occasionally. Please advise.

A:I think your initial pains and a raised respiratory rate was due to your state of physical unfitness when you suddenly had to do some heavy work by dragging your cycle uphill. Unaccustomed exercise tends to cause pains and panting! I agree with your specialist that there is nothing wrong with your heart, as was shown by a normal ECG and ECHO. I think you should gradually increase your exercise by walking a few miles every day and then increasing it to brisk walking. Do not brood about your heart and get depressed when you don't need to.


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