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Why am I unable to wake up from sleep?

Q: I am a 40 years old male. I fall asleep early at night and wake up only in the morning. I don't even remember any of the dreams. I have been getting this kind of sleep eversince I was a child. My problem is that even if someone tries to wake me up, I can't wake up despite my willingness to do so. I know I am few of the lucky ones to get such a sound sleep but somehow I want to be able to wake up when woken. Is there any medicine that can help me. Please suggest.

A:From your description it seems like it is difficult to wake you up once you are asleep. As long as you do not have any symptoms like excessive daytime sleepiness, I would not worry about it. We often do not remember our dreams and many feel as though we do not get any dreams. During some parts of the night it is difficult to be awaken by a person. It is possible that your family/friends might have tried to wake you up in one of those phases of sleep during which it is difficult to awaken a person. Please see a sleep specialist if you do have excessive sleepiness during the day and or feel restless despite sleeping soundly for at least 8-9 hours.


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