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Why am I not enjoying sex after delivering my child?

Q: I am 25 years old and have got a nine months old baby. Ever since I delivered, I am not enjoying intercourse rather not being able to do it, though I want to. There is no discharge during intercourse, which makes the thing really painful. Is it because I have not got my periods yet? What is the pain due to? When will the process become normal? Can I hope things to become normal once I get my regular periods?

A:At times, following delivery, the drive and desire for sex goes down in a woman. Please wait for some more time. Are you or/and your husband using some contraceptive otherwise there is a risk of you becoming pregnant once again - even without having periods. Pain during intercourse occurs mainly due to dryness of vagina (or lack of adequate lubrication). You can overcome this problem by spending more time on foreplay or use a water based jelly such as K-Y Jelly.


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