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Why am I losing interest in sex?

Q: I am a 37 years old married man. For the last three years, I am losing interest in sex. Earlier I used to masturbate. I consulted a doctor, who told me that it is not normal to lose sexual interest at this age and thus, he asked me to undergo a semen test. The report showed a sperm count of 132. I am also facing the problem of early ejaculation. I am suffering from diabetes for the last six years. Why am I losing interest in sex?

A:Variations in sex drive do occur in all males. There are physical as well as psychological reasons for this. Your sperm count in semen analysis - most likely - has nothing to it. Yes, your Diabetes might also be contribting to this (loss of interest in sex). We suggest you go to Sex and Marriage Counselling Clinic at AIIMS Hospital and get yourself physically examined and investigated to find out the exact cause. Till then, please stop brooding over it because thinking too much about it will only worsen the situation. Relax.


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