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Why am I having general body pain?

Q: Recently, during a vacation, I slept on a plain mat at night. I noticed during my sleep that after sometime, I developed body ache and in the morning it went away. But after coming back to my workplace, I developed the same problem not only while sleeping but also during the day. I am having body ache from below my head to my waist. Someday it will not be there, but some other day it appears again. I have consulted a doctor and he asked me to take some vitamin tablets for 20 days but in vain. Can you tell me what is the cause of this pain?

A:I am assuming that when you are not in your home town you sleep on a mattress. It is not uncommon or someone to complain of body ache when they sleep on a bed with a different consistency to what they are used to - whether it be a firmer or softer surface. With firmer surfaces (as you did on a plain mat) the pain tends to be throughout the body. If the floor was cold this could have added to the pain severity. Sleeping on a softer surface generally gives rise to back pain but can cause pain in other parts of he body as well. In both instances the pain tends to get better as the day goes on and requires no treatment. If severe, mild analgesics such as acetaminophen or aspirin taken once or twice a day for a few days can decrease the pain severity. Since you continue to have episodic pain even after returning to your workplace, I would suggest simple stretching exercises such as sit ups, trying to reach for an object above your head without lifting your heel off the ground or trying to touch your toes without bending your knees should help. I do not think any investigation is warranted at this time.


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