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Why am I getting red rashes on my hands, legs, hips and head?

Q: I have an allergic problem. I get an irritation on my hands, legs, hips and sometimes in my head too. Sometimes I can see red patches like prickly heat. I am facing this problem for the last 3 months. I know very well it is not due to food. I consulted a general physician and a dermatologist who game me some anti allergic tablets and creams. If I take tablets then I am fine but the moment I stop after 3-4 days again I am have the irritation. I have taken a test for diabetes and eosonophilia but these are normal. I am unable to get rid of this problem. I do take Incidal and Avil to stop this irritation.

A:Your problem may be chronic idiopathic urticaria, which often comes and goes for no apparent reason, and is not generally due to food allergies or any other allergies. You may need to keep up the anti-histamine treatment for two years or more, but this condition often disappears in time. I think a thyroid function blood test might be useful, in addition to the tests you mention in your query.


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