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Why am I getting chest pain while stretching?

Q: I get pain in the right side of my chest when I do stretching. I met a cardiologist who did ECG, echo, BP and blood tests but no problem was found. He told me that it could be a muscle ache. Its been two months but the pain is not subsiding. I hear some bone breaking sound from the chest when I stretch now along with some pain. I was suffering from fever just before the pain started. There was also bodyache, headache, sore throat, chill etc. These symptoms persisted for 4 days. Twice or thrice there was green phlegm in cough. What conclusion can be drawn from all this? Do I need to meet a doctor again?

A:Sometimes pain in right side of the chest can be due to problems in the shoulder. For few days do not do any stretchings. You need to be examined by a physiotherapist to check your shoulder movements. If movements are complete and painfree, then the cause of the pain could be muscular. Have you checked your evening temperature? If you still have any phlegm, you need to see a chest physician. Stretching exercises can be slowly reintroduced. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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