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Why am I getting boils on my skin?

Q: I am a 30 years old female. Sometime back I saw a boil on my right underarm with some pulp inside. It broke after one week and went away on its own. It has left a little lump and the area has become blackish. The same problem is occurring in my right thigh joint now, it is very painful. I am a little fat and I think that both my legs are touching each other while walking. Could it be a result of that?

A:You have recurrent boils. The boil is a skin lesion that is infected by a germ called Staphylococcus aureus. It is best to get yourself examined by a surgeon. You may need an incision to let the pus out. You should also take an antibiotic for about 2 weeks. For this disease, erythromycin is a good medicine, but others are also available. Please consult your surgeon for advice and a prescription. You can also take Dettol baths or bathe with Hexachlorophene soap for a month (but not longer than that!). This will give 1-2% benefit only.


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