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Which preparations of folic acid are available?

Q: I read that folic acid gives protection against cardiovascular diseases. I am 59 years old and am a vegetarian. Would you advise me to take folic acid? What are the food items which give me folic acid? Are folic acid supplements available in market and, if so please suggest some trade names.

A:Folic acid is found in many vegetarian food itms. Please go through the article on this subject on our site DoctorNDTV.com. Medicine is a dynamic subject where nearly every day new developments are taking place. The use of folic acid to prevent heart problems is relatively a new finding. The results will need to be corroborated at many more trials in many more countries before the recommendation is accepted internationally in clinical practice. Sometimes the findings of one trial are not supported by other trials. Therefore on needs to wait before folic acid is routinely taken. Folic acid is part of the Vitamin B group and nearly all commercial preparations of Vitamin B complex or tonic contain folic acid. Folic acid is not to be taken alone or along with inadequate amounts of vitamin B-12. Therefore multi-vitamin preparations, such as Vitexid, contain both folic acid and vitamin B-12 in adequate quantity. A single ingredient preparation of folic acid is sold under the trade name of Ingafol but it is recommended for pregnant women. In any case the product does not contain vitamin B-12 and is not recommended for prevention of heart disease.


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