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Which food items increase uric acid?

Q: I am a 66 years old male suffering from arthiritis. My uric acid remains between 7 and 9 mg/dl. Which food items should I avoid to keep my uric acid under control?

A:First, let me tell you that there are more 100 different varieties of arthritis. Therefore, saying I have arthritis really does not convey anything that can be commented upon. Most people call knee pains as arthritis. In fact, knee pains are common with increasing age in persons who have gained some weight. You must immediately contact a rheumatologist to get you properly diagnosed so that you are given proper line of treatment. Secondly, high uric acid is related to certain genetic factors (that, unfortunately, cannot be changed!). Increasing exercises, balanced diet mainly consisting of high fibers, diary products (minus fat, cream, butter, ghee) and giving up meat, alcoholic drinks and sugary soft drinks (an absolutely no sea food) - helps. There is a very rare disease where high uric acid can be associated with severe acute attacks of red swollen joint at the base of the big toe. It is called podagra. A Rheumatologist can easily diagnose it and give you appropriate treatment.


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