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Which exercises will reduce the knee pain due to wear and tear of the cartilage?

Q: I messed up my knee badly about 10 years ago. I have a wear and tear at the back of my right knee cap and no cartilage. It grinds and crunches and locks up frequently. The doctors have prescribed physical therapy but that makes it even worse. They say that they will not operate because I will grow out of it. I have had this problem for 10 years now. Is there any way by which I could make the pain go away. My job requires me to stand for 8-11 hours, which takes a lot out of my knee.

A:There is no need to lose hope. There’s always a way to work around your problem. As you have mentioned, exercises have aggravated your problem. It is the right advice, but is not helping you because your approach, methods and timing may be grossly inappropriate to the condition of your knee joint. I suggest, first you get a proper evaluation done for your knee joint and also of the hip and ankle joint and your gait. Knees are vulnerable when you have low muscle strength, Your technique and footwork are not proper 1. You should start your exercises under supervision and go as per the therapist’s advice. (flexibility and strengthening exercises.) 2. Stop exercising if pain is more. Some pain after exercises is natural. 3. You can take electrical stimulation for muscle strengthening. 4. Tens can be taken while doing exercises to reduce pain. 5. Try a few sessions at regular intervals rather than doing the exercises for a prolonged session. 6. Improve your gait. 7. Try standing on the unaffected leg longer. 8. Try and take breaks from your standing posture 9. Ask your therapist to get you a brace for your knee so that the maximum weight is off your knee while standing. 10. Once your leg muscles are strong enough you can try climbing, walking, side to side movements, jumping and cross steps and side steps to increase your agility. 11. Considering the nature of your job, you should keep up with your program after you finish your rehab which will maintain the strength and flexibility of the muscles that support your knee. 12. Please make sure you wear a comfortable shoes.


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