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Which drug is better - Romilast or Romilast L?

Q: What is the difference between Romilast and Romilast L? What are the side effects of both? Is it preferable to take Romilast treatment instead of Asthalin Syrup and Deriphylline?

A:Romilast is the brand name. It contains a drug called monteleukast. It is used as "add on" therapy for asthma i.e. in addition to other medicines if they are not effective. Romilast L contains two medicines: monteleukast and levocetirizine. It should not be taken by patients of asthma because levocetirizine dries up the secretions in the lungs and can make matters worse. Such a combination is not permitted in any advanced country. These days we prefer inhalational medicines such as Asthalin Inhaler (rather than tablets or syrup) because such medicines reach lungs straight away without passing through blood. They cause minimal side effects. Deriphylline (theophylline) is to be taken by mouth and hence should be avoided due to its side effects.


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