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When will our son recover from Kawasaki fever?

Q: My 10 months old son has been infected with Kawasaki fever. When we consulted our doctor, he told us that the fever was at its initial stages, so we admitted our son to the clinic. His platelet count dropped to 2.50 lakh after immunoglobulin IV was given to him. On the doctor’s advice, we got our son discharged from the clinic. This week the platelet count again rose to 8 lakh but there isn't any fever-like symptoms. The doctor has asked us to give our son Aspirin and Disprin. When will my son recover completely?

A:The platelet count will rise initially and fall after a few weeks. This is no cause for alarm. The child must be on low dose aspirin until all acute phase markers including Platelets, ESR and CRP are normal. You have not mentioned the ECHO report. An experienced pediatric cardiologist should do the ECHO. The coronary arteries may get involved in the first two weeks of the disease, and a check ECHO is to be done again at 6 weeks from the disease onset. The duration of the aspirin depends on the blood reports as I have already mentioned, and also the ECHO findings. A majority of the children do very well in the long run, but the child will need to be monitored carefully early on.


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