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When will I get relief from back pain due to TB of the vertebra?

Q: I have some infection in my backbone at the L3 vertebra. I have done MRI 3 times in the interval of each month & I am on AKT from the past 3 months. My recent MRI says that the lesion is of the same size, though the previous one said that it has reduced. Till last month, I had continuous pain. But now I hardly have any pain in my back. Is my condition improving or is it still the same? Is this a sign of cancer or TB? Nowadays I have started getting continuous pain on my left back, but not on the bone, its on the skin. Is it something to do with liver or the kidney? Does AKT damage the kidney or the liver? I am also gaining weight, as I am not exercising but eating a lot. Please advise.

A:Tuberculosis of L3 vertebra is a very painful condition. This is because of the mechanics of spine at this level. Often pain stays well beyond 3 months so do not be alarmed. As far as the MRI picture is concerned 3 months is not a time frame to see healing. It takes much longer so again do not be alarmed. Unfortunately, in tuberculosis of this region the parameters to see improvement are very limited. The only parameters that we can see are subjective sense of well being, decrease in fever and constitutional symptoms, improvements in the ESR levels and weight gain. In lumbar spine relief from pain may take longer than 3 months. So, I would suggest please wait for some more time before making any changes. In such painful conditions exercises are not recommended so please do not do exercises. I think you need to get back to your orthopaedic surgeon for any clarifications.


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