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When is surgery indicated for gynaecomastia?

Q: I am 25 years old and have gynaecomastia for the past 4 years. Sometimes it pains a little. The doctor wants me to undergo surgery. I have health insurance; will it cover for surgery and hormone tests? How much would the surgery cost? This problem has been affecting me psychologically. Please advise.

A:A small gynaecomastia is nothing to worry about. You don't really need to get it removed. But if you do want it removed, surgery is easy. You should, however, consider removal if: a. It causes you pain, and b. If it causes psychological problems. You seem to fit into the second category. However, do discuss with your surgeon. In particular, ask him/her if you need psychiatric advice. Health insurance? I don't know, your insurer can tell you. You will need to prove that you did not have the condition before your insurance started. The surgery usually costs about Rs 10,000, but the costs can vary widely. You should not need hormone tests. If your surgeon wants hormone tests done, ask why then take another opinion.


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