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What to do for excessive hair loss?

Q: I am a working woman 34 years of age. I am facing severe hair fall due to which I am tense. I take Raricap and Sclerobion vitamin tabs daily. Is it right for me to do so? Could you please let me know which is the best vitamin or medicine for my hair to grow and which vegetables, fruits and dry fruits should I eat in particular? Do I need to go to a hair specialist?

A:I note with regret that you are losing hair at a fast pace. In the first instance let me assure you that no particular item of food has any known effect on hair growth. So feel free to eat whatever you feel like. Second, I think it is not a bad idea for you to consult with a skin specialist to find out the cause of excessive loss of hair. After establishing the cause, he should be able to advise you about the kind of treatment you should take.


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