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What sort of an infection am I having and how to get rid of it?

Q: I am 3 months pregnant and I have an infection. I have had it off and on since last six months. I was told it is folliculitis. It started under my arms and went away after two bouts with antibiotics. It came back last week, two bumps under my arms - one on my buttocks and some in my vaginal area. They hurt until they burst and the pus comes out. I need to get rid of it. I was told it is S. Aureus and I don't want it to affect my baby. What can I do to get rid of it for good? I am afraid to take any antibiotics, is there a natural remedy? I don't have any STD according to my most recent blood work. What do I do?

A:When you have the infection, please visit your doctor as soon as you detect the problem, since it can be treated adequately in the early stages. There are safe antibiotics which do not harm the fetus. However, there is no natural remedy. For prevention, it is essential to maintain good hygiene, and keep your armpits and skin folds clean and dry. You can use an antiseptic soap. Such infections are more common in diabetics. An essential test which needs to be done is the blood glucose test, in the fasting and as well as after a good meal, to assess the glucose tolerance, which may be affected due to pregnancy.


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