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What should I eat to control my high blood sugar levels?

Q: I am a 47 years old woman weighing 59 kg. I got my blood sugar tests done last month and another this month and the results were 378 mg/dL and 433 mg/dL respectively. I have stopped eating sugar and reduced the quantity of pure ghee. Now I have started taking Amlovas to control the increasing sugar levels. Please suggest a diet and exercises I should take to lower the sugar levels in a short period. I have lost 4 kg in last month.

A:You have frank diabetes mellitus and the blood glucose levels are very high. At these levels you need to take insulin. Please consult your physician/endocrinologist for prescription. I suggest you to tale 12 units of Glargin/Detemir insulin along with Glimiperide 2 mg and Meformin 500 mg. Regarding diet, you should stop simple sugars like table sugar, sweets, ice creams, cold drinks, etc. Rice can be taken in moderation. Take good amount of green leafy vegetables, avoid too much meat. Fish is ok. Among fruits - avoid banana, mango, grapes and cheeku. Rest you can take in plenty. It is better to take whole fruits rather than juices as whole fruits will have fibre as well. For your weight you need around 1600-1800 kcal per day. For diet prescription you should meet your local dietician who can tell you about local foodstuff available around you.


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