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What should I do to prevent my family from Hepatitis B?

Q: I am a 30 years old married woman and have 2 children. My first delivery was normal but during my second pregnancy the doctor told me that I am HBsAg positive but HIV 1 & 2 are negative. How did I get HBsAg positive? What should I do to cure it? My second child was given one vaccine when he was born and during my pregnancy, my husband was also given all required injections. Now I am completely cured but what procedure do I have to follow in future?

A:Your blood test is positive for HBs Ag means that you are carrying the Hepatitis B virus and can transmit the virus to others. In most cases carriers of the virus who have no symptoms are very likely to have had a mild form of infection and it is possible in course of time you will make antibodies in your blood and thus become non infective. How you might have acquired the infection is debatable; this virus route of infection is from injection needles, transfusions, sexual contact as well as oral transmissions. It is correct that your first child and husband have received the antibody vaccine to prevent them from getting infection from your close contact. As an asymptomatic carrier it is important that you should be very meticulous with your personal hygiene. It is very important that you consult a liver specialist and seek advice for a full examination and investigations of your liver tests and vaccines as appropriate and regular follow up until you become antibody positive, which would mean that you have become non-infective. Your new born baby also would need blood checks and vaccines when appropriate.


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