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What should I do for pituitary hypoplasia?

Q: I am a father of two daughters aged 14 and 7 years. I am suffering from giddiness, body hair fall, burning sensation in muscles, sexual incapacity and weakness etc. Hormonal assay was done and was suggestive of decreased cortisol levels with decreased TSH and normal T3, T4 assay. FSH & LH levels were also low and testosterone level was very low. MRI of brain was suggestive of a relatively small sized pituitary gland - hypoplasia. I am taking Prednosolone @ 7.5 mg daily (5 mgx1/2 mg after meals). Initial dose was 15 mg daily which was reduced to 10 mg & then 7.5 mg. The cause of convulsions was very low level of sodium and cortisol.

A:It seems to be a case of hypopituitarism due to pituitary hypoplasia. Normalization of all hormones is important and then quality of life can become normal. Periodic examination and hormonal assessment is required. Hormones which are important at this stage, are - cortisol - thyroid hormones- T3 & T4 - male hormones - growth hormone You should also carry an identity card / wrist bracelet when should indicate your disease and your doctors contact number. During any stress the cortisol requirement will increase to more than double. Be under care of one doctor close to your place of residence /work , who understands your disease properly & completely.


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