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What should I do for my hair and skin problems?

Q: I am 21 years old. I have a dry skin and dry hair. I also have red spots on my back which oozes out blood and pus when touched or rubbed. I also have dandruff for which I use keto shampoo. Will this shampoo make my hair dry? What should I do? Can I use any conditioner, oil or protein? Mustard oil does not suit me. I have dense hair and application of mustard oil joins them together which causes irritation. I use clinic all clear, is it all right? I take a balanced diet. I exercise as well, but the dryness doesn't go. What can I do to make my hair shiny and healthy? Please throw some light on my problems.

A:You have dry skin, which increases more in winter. You will get relief in summer; and you can use moisturising creams containing vitamin E and aloe vera. Dandruff is a common problem. You need not worry; you can use antifungal creams containing ketoconazole. Use in 1:1 dilution on alternate days. If partially controlled, use twice a week. If controlled, maintenance use is once a week. Red spots are due to prickly heat - do not scratch otherwise it gets infected resulting in blood & pus discharge. To prevent prickly heat you can use nycil powder. Regarding oil you can use coconut oil for scalp. Regarding diet there is no relation to your problem. It is a myth. You can choose any diet of your choice. You can eat chocolates, which will not increase your problem. You needn't be anxious, as these are common problems anyone can encounter.


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