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What should I do for high blood pressure and homocysteine levels?

Q: I got my BP checked 2 months ago and it was 140/100 that time. And as per doctor's advice I checked my Lipid test, Homocysteine, Echo, Holter etc. As per my report my Cholesterol was 270, TG was 302 and Homocysteine was 30.56. After 1.5 month's treatment recently I checked my Lipid & Homocysteine again. Lipid (extended) test is awaited but my Homocysteine is again coming at 33.18. I am pure vegetarian and I was taking drink since last 3-4 years (4-5 times in a month, 2-3 pegs) and I started smoking last year. Now I have stopped drink and smoking both. My age is 38 years. Could you please advise what should I do because I am very afraid of my Homocysteine levels.

A:I would suggest that you make sure that your BP level is kept around 120/80 mm hg, your triglycerides less than 150 mg, your LDL Cholesterol less than 100 mg. For this you need a proper medical treatment. In addition take 5 mg Folic acid and forget about Homocysteine problem. Keep all the good habits going for times to come.


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