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What should I do for a neck pain?

Q: For the last six months I have been having pain originating from the back of my neck and on certain occasions, spreads to the left leg. I used to keep my head elevated during sleep for the last 15 years; there has been some relief from the time I have stopped using pillows.

A:Pain in neck can be due to many reasons. I will advise you to get an x-ray done of the cervical spine. If the x-ray is normal, then your pain could be due to posture. Neck pains are quite common with computer professionals. Sometimes bending down/above can give pain. Do gentle neck movements. If the x-ray shows any changes you should see an orthopaedic surgeon/physiotherapist. Avoid big pillow and use a roll of small cotton towel behind the neck for sleeping. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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